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Spectrum Next KickStarter - Smashed!


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  • Spectrum Next KickStarter - Smashed!

    So, as most of you know, the Kick Starter campaign for the ZX Spectrum Next kicked off at one minute into the 23rd day of April, 2017, officially recognised as the ZX Spectrum's 35th Birthday. Within hours it was at a staggering 10% of it's goal.

    Amazingly, within less than two days it was complete.

    The future is set; the future is Spectrum.

    What incredible comradery was shown by all who could...
    24th April 2017, 23:22
  • Uncle Clive and Lady Sinclair split

    Angie Bowness & Uncle Clive have gone their separate ways. The gold digger former model was too upset to talk with reporters after their divorce was finalised in January 2017. Uncle Clive was, as is so traditional of him, already moving on to the next target and began seeing a former on/off closer friend, Elaine Millar, 69, some 7 years his junior and served as loyal secretary in years gone by....
    Sir Clive Sinclair, 76, has divorced wife Angie Bowness, 40, after seven years of marriage (pictured together above). The pair met at Stringfellows in London where Lady Sinclar was a lapdancer.

    2nd April 2017, 19:01
  • The Pong Table in Your Living Room
    Remember Pong, that amazing Atari game that set standards for the gaming future? Now, you can get a pong table - no, not just a flat table screen with pong... This is so much more

    25th March 2017, 08:21