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  • Karl
    started a blog post Commodore 65 aka DX64

    Commodore 65 aka DX64

    The Commodore 65 - wait.. what?

    Yes, the Commodore 65, not the C64, from 1989. Incredible!

    Back in 1989, Commodore began work...
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  • C65 C64DX for sale

    in NEWS

    C65 C64DX for sale

    Up for grabs is an ultra-rare Commodore 65 also known as the C64DX. Designed and built between 1990 & 1991, it is unofficially thought to have between 50 to 200 prototype units made but never manufactured for public consumption, sadly. It was, as I said to a friend of mine only a few days ago when I first spotted it (via a facebook group), almost a cross between an Amiga and C64 - similar to the position the Sam Coupe, sat between a 16 bit machine such as Atari or Amiga and the more humble ZX...
    Very rare Commodore 65 prototype (also known as the C64DX). Serial number 3. It's estimated that only between 50-200 of these computers were produced and they were not intended for the public. They were prototypes built for development, but they were later sold to the public through Grapevine after Commodore's bankruptcy. | eBay!
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  • FPGA Commodore coming soon

    FPGA Commodore coming soon

    A group of Commodore enthusiasts are looking to rise the Commodore machines back from the dead in a similar to how the ZX Spectrum (Next) has. The joy of FPGA has really opened up some incredible possibilities.

    This wonderful concept has borrowed many of the ideas afforded the Spectrum Next, aside from the obvious FPGA usage, it will be made to fit inside the original casing of a C64. Below is a Youtube video which is spoken in German. However, if you apply Closed Captions (subtitles)...
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