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  • Karl
    started a topic Oliver Twins Announce New Dizzy Game

    Oliver Twins Announce New Dizzy Game

    This is excellent

    The Oliver Twins, creators of all things Dizzy, announce the production of a new game in the fabled series,...
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  • Spectrum Next KickStarter - Smashed!

    in NEWS

    Spectrum Next KickStarter - Smashed!

    So, as most of you know, the Kick Starter campaign for the ZX Spectrum Next kicked off at one minute into the 23rd day of April, 2017, officially recognised as the ZX Spectrum's 35th Birthday. Within hours it was at a staggering 10% of it's goal.

    Amazingly, within less than two days it was complete.

    The future is set; the future is Spectrum.

    What incredible comradery was shown by all who could...
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  • Spectrum Next KickStarter

    Spectrum Next KickStarter

    We love the ZX Spectrum. Why wouldn’t we? It was much more than just a computer: it was a machine that sparked a gaming revolution, neatly housed within its iconic design powered by sheer simplicity. The Speccy was, and still is, on a league of its own. Decades have come and gone and the Speccy is still alive and kicking. New games are being launched all the time, the demoscene carries on pushing the hardware limits to the unimaginable, artists keep on creating great 8-bit eyecandy and music with it. Alongside this there are thousands of awesome games in the back catalogue to play. Meanwhile hardware hackers around the world have expanded the ZX Spectrum to support SD card storage, feature new and better video modes, pack more memory, faster processor... Problem is, these expansions can be difficult to get hold of, and without a standardised Spectrum, no one knows what to support or develop for. Here is our answer: The Spectrum Next - an updated and enhanced version of the...
    Henrique Olifiers is raising funds for ZX Spectrum Next on Kickstarter! The ZX Spectrum reborn: a new machine, fully compatible with the original computer, and packed with improvements and expansions.
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