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FPGA Commodore coming soon


  • FPGA Commodore coming soon

    A C65 NOT the proposed FPGA
    Above is a C65, one of the many systemsproposed to be included in the FPGA.
    A group of Commodore enthusiasts are looking to rise the Commodore machines back from the dead in a similar to how the ZX Spectrum (Next) has. The joy of FPGA has really opened up some incredible possibilities.

    This wonderful concept has borrowed many of the ideas afforded the Spectrum Next, aside from the obvious FPGA usage, it will be made to fit inside the original casing of a C64. Below is a Youtube video which is spoken in German. However, if you apply Closed Captions (subtitles) and then from the 'Settings' button choose "Auto Translate" and select "English" from the menu. Youtube affords a reasonable & legible translation.

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