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  • 8 Bit Legacy

    There is a wonderful series on the web from "Great Big Story" known as '8 Bit Legacy' where they delve into the history of the 8 bit wonders of the time. Here their exciting introductory video:
    1. Trailer
    2. The Hunt for ‘The Hobbit’ Game's Missing Hero
    3. The Rise of Nintendo’s Original Gaming Master
    4. The Old West Greatness of ‘Mad Dog McCree’ Video Game
    5. The True Story Behind Polybius, Gaming’s Most Bizarre Urban Legend
    6. The Video Game Genius Behind Chuck E. Cheese’s
    1 - Introduction / Trailer
    The Curious Case of Video Games - the trailer.
    2 - The Hunt for ‘The Hobbit’ Game's Missing Hero
    In 1982, the personal computing revolution was in full swing. Time magazine’s man of the year was the computer, and developers around the world were ignited to create bigger and better video games. One team in Australia, lead by Veronika Megler, took it upon themselves to create the world’s best text-based adventure game, based on Tolkien’s “The Hobbit.” However, soon after the game was released, Veronika disappeared. We went on a quest to find Veronika and trace the lasting legacy she left as a female pioneer in the industry.
    3 - The Rise of Nintendo’s Original Gaming Master
    In 1981, the Japanese company Nintendo wanted to break into the U.S. market. As they moved away from the arcade and into the home, Nintendo searched for a spokesperson, one that could represent the company’s passion for gaming and that could speak directly to the U.S. consumer. They chose Howard Phillips, an employee working in the Nintendo warehouse. Little did he know that he was soon to become a gaming legend.
    4 - The Old West Greatness of ‘Mad Dog McCree’ Video Game
    In 1990, arcades began to face tough competition from companies like Gameboy and Nintendo that were bringing the video game experience into the living room. In order to stand out in the new marketplace, arcades began creating novelty experiences to bring gamers back into the fold. One of these experiments was “Mad Dog McCree,” an interactive, Western-themed arcade game, and one of the first of its kind to bring a live-action element into the gaming world. The end result? A game so bad you can’t help but love it. Twenty-five years later, we reunited with the original actors on the New Mexico ranch where the game was first filmed.
    5 - The True Story Behind Polybius, Gaming’s Most Bizarre Urban Legend
    In the 1950s, the CIA began experimenting with alternative ways to weaken the enemy. The project was called MKUltra and consisted of tests on unaware subjects with the goal of finding the perfect interrogation methods. In 1976, the secret had been leaked to the public and began to spur countless conspiracy theories. In the madness, one of the most bizarre gaming urban legends began to brew, and it all started when a video game cabinet appeared in an arcade in the quiet town of Portland, Oregon. Soon enough, people couldn’t stop talking about “Polybius,” a top-secret government project that gave players seizures and night terrors. Could it be real?

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