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Happy Birthday Pac-Man


  • Happy Birthday Pac-Man

    Our Japanese friends enjoyed the release of Pac-Man on this day in 1980 thanks to the praise-worthy efforts of games designer Toru Iwatani. Pac-Man was bestowed upon the world - and change it for the better, it did. The western world wouldn't catch up for a few months, having to wait for October of the same year, before we could enjoy the pill-popping hero!
    AtariSoft Pac-Man
    Pac-Man, AtariSoft for the ZX Spectrum
    The humble 8-bit machines of the day may have been a tad late getting to the game, but they didn't miss out entirely thanks to ports of Pac-Man being made available for them, much to the joy of the hungry masses.

    Prior to their 8-bit releases for the micro-computer of the typical teen's home, there were many blatant Pac-Man rip-offs doing the rounds, but none really captured that fuzzy feeling from the real thing.

    Pac-Man broke the mould as most game genres of the day centred around Space Invaders and Asteroids type games.

    It is almost inconceivable that anyone alive today wouldn't recognise the name, Pac-Man. Well, that's with good reason - Pac-Man happens to be considered the most iconic brand ever.

    Happy Birthday, Pac-Man
    21st May 1980
    22nd May 1980

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