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Nixy the Glade Sprite by BubbleSoft


  • Nixy the Glade Sprite by BubbleSoft

    Nixy the Glade Sprite - classic8bit
    Nixy the Glade Sprite by Andy Johns

    As many will already know, Nixy the Glade Sprite is now released in it's full glory.

    Nixy is a glade sprite charged with looking after the Gaia stone. The Gaia stone is the heart of the Glade and gives life to the plants and flowers.

    But something is wrong with the stone, its been corrupted and now once beautiful flowers are turning dangerous and the once friendly Mushroom people are attacking !

    The Old Ones talk of a pool of water which in ages past cleasned the stone. Maybe that might work again?

    Travel through the forest avoiding deadly plants and creatures to find the sacred pool and cleanse the stone, then return it to the Guardian Tree in the Glade.

    Both Standard 128K and ULA+ formats are catered for in this typical but gorgeous platformer. Moving screen to screen, some laden with items you'll need to be able to hit those aggravating pixel-perfect jumps if you plan on beating this game.

    As you'll have gathered by now, Nixy is indeed a glade sprite, one of natures guardians who's role is to protect a powerful Gaia stone. The Gaia stone is the life-force of the glade but has unfortunately become tainted and transformed the glade into a darker place where fear dwells. Luckily, Nixy is here to save the day and the glade and the lovely animals & so on. The game is fairly standard in split in to separate objectives seeing you exploring a variety of environments whilst seeking the Gaia stone in order to relocate it to the Moon Pool and it's holy waters which can cure the Gaia stone. Once Nixy has collected all the necessary objects to perform the ritual, she can then return it to it's

    You can download the game here or from the developers website, BubbleSoft Games.


    Main Menu :
    Space to Choose Controller
    Enter to Select
    Redefine keys
    M to Toggle Music on/off

    Default Game Keys:
    Q Up
    A Down
    O Left
    P Right
    Space Jump

    Nixy The Glade Sprite designed and written by Andy Johns
    (c)2018 Bubblesoft
    Downloadable Content - Use Contact Page for Copyright Requests
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