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Rubicon by RuckSack Games


  • Rubicon by RuckSack Games

    Rubicon for the ZX Spectrum
    Rubicon for the ZX Spectrum

    Here we have another AGD offering for our modern classic 8-bit fans, this time in the form of Rubicon, Run the Maze. This particular gem of a game is the almost exclusive work of one talented John Blyth, responsible for not just the design & programming but also the cover-art (left) AND the in-game graphics. Phew! Additional code has been kindly provided by Alan Turvey & David Saphier.

    Interestingly, this game comes not in unique flavours for the ZX Spectrum 48K and 128K but also a Vega Specific format too (yay for me). And if you thought that wasn't enough - you'd be right! So Mr. Blythe is developing* a super ULA+ edition. Wow! Just wow!
    *Available soon for download

    The Vega users are required to download a specific one for their Vega device & to specifically choose the Kempston joystick as their input device, which has been appropriately mapped to the pertinent function pads on the Vega controller. For the Vega controller, F is for shield and S toggles music.

    For the rest of you mere mortals with your fancy original hardware 8-bit classics or fancy-schmancy emulators, keys are: ZX (Left/Right respectively), KM (Up/Down respectively) and L to activate your shield.

    The space bar will toggle the music on & off. All keys are redefinable (press R to do so) expect the music toggle (space bar).

    Your right of passage to adulthood has arrived!

    You are NYM. Your last day of childhood has arrived and as tradition dictates, you must undergo a right of passage. You must cross the Rubicon maze. A fiendish labyrinth that will test your abilities. Find the five Scrolls of Knowledge. Find the three Crowns of Wealth. Find the Ring of Argus. Find the Amulet of Light so that you can pass the gate keeper and find you true love.


    Locate and collect 5 Scrolls, 3 Crowns, Ring of Argus and the Amulet of Light. You will also come across Doors (Diamond Shaped) there are keycards that you must be holding for them to disappear.

    Once you have everything go to the Gate Keeper room. He will have gone if you have them all. If he remains, it means you have not collected everything.

    You will also find Shields. You can carry only one at a time. Once activated it will last a few seconds.... making you immune to all energy sapping creatures. Beware the shield will not protect you against the instant kill enemies. Use it wisely.
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