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  • Vega+ stripped of Sinclair and ZX Spectrum brand
    According to the BBC, the RCL Vega+ console has lost it's right to use the Sinclair logo due to all the bumbling mishaps RCL have done. Sky, who own the rights to Amstrad (who in turn bought the rights...
    RCL's Vega+ sporting the Sinclair logo
    1st August 2018, 17:34
  • The Commodore Story Kickstarter
    There's absolutely no denying, this is gonna be B*I*G! Not just because it's Commodore but also it will cover the range of home computers including (but definitely not limited to) the Commodore 64 and...
    WavemStudios is raising funds for The Commodore Story - Changing the world 8-bits at a time on Kickstarter! The Commodore Story of the PET Vic20 C64 & Amiga from engineers, games developers & how CBM influenced the first 8-bit generation users
    15th May 2018, 11:05
  • The Story of the Oliver Twins
    Twenty smackers for a fact filled paperback on the Oliver twins. Money spent well, if you ask me! £25 for hardback, also a cracking deal.

    The book, The Story of the Oliver Twins, is 236...
    The book, The Story of the Oliver Twins, is 236 pages in length and finished to the very same high standard as my previous books and covering the history in gaming of Philip and Andrew Oliver from their very early days whey they learnt to program in their bedrooms through their days at Codemasters before moving on to s
    11th May 2018, 22:29
  • Derby 80's Retro Arcade Weekender
    Are you ready to travel back in time to a world of Retro Gaming?
    Come and take a wild ride down memory lane or create new memories of you own for one weekend only, at Derby Museum and Art Gallery!...
    17th November 2018 10:00
    19th November 2018 03:00
    Derby, England
    11th May 2018, 21:04
  • KickStarter for ZZap! 64 2019 annual
    The Commodore 64 was THE home computer to own in the 1980s and early 90s and was only surpassed in popularity by its younger brother, the Commodore Amiga.

    ZZap! 64 was the magazine that every...
    Chris Wilkins is raising funds for ZZap! 64 Annual 2019 - the next chapter on Kickstarter! ZZap! 64 was THE magazine for Commodore 64 gamers. Here we produce the next issue of ZZap! - in the form of a yearly Annual.
    29th April 2018, 14:11
  • ZX Spectrum Vega+ available for pre-order
    Finally, shipments are being made despite recent bad press. At £139 it's not the cheapest but by no means the most expensive route to reliving some classic moments. According to Retro Computers' official...
    The Vega+ is a new low cost hand-held games console with a colour LCD screen and 1,000 licensed games already installed. The Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+, to give the product its full name, is based on Sir Clive’s hugely successful Spectrum products from the past - the early 1980s - and incorporates all the features of the ZX Vega and more, including stereo output for great reproduction of gaming sounds and music. It is the only games console that exists with 1,000 licensed games already included and with both an LCD for anywhere use Delivery Summer 2018 - please note this is pre-order from the 2nd Limited Edition production
    27th April 2018, 22:21