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You may use this section to promote sales of your items or post a wanted ad if you're after something specific. NO PROFESSIONAL SALES/BUYERS - this is for the occasional buy/seller, not to be used as your personal 'ebay' account.
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What doesn't (yet) fit in other forums can go here.
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Last Unopened Windows 10
by Karl
Funnies (3/3)
Emulators (5/7)

Although Sinclair did a lot more than computers (radios, calculators, etc.) we'll focus just on the computers here, from the ZX80 to the 128K range. We include all the clones as well as the Amstrad range as they were designed around the Sinclair model.

As for colour clash, I don't know what you're talking about...

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Kickstarter update 48!
by Robot
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Released in 1989, the SAM Coupe was promoted as the 'logical upgrade' for the Spectrum due to software and screen compatibility. Miles Gordon Technology were previously known for their hardware, such as the Disciple drive.
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Sam Coupe Teardown
by Karl
From the classic breadbin design to the more space-age, it's in here.
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VIC 20 Full Motion Video
by Karl
Yes, including the BBC.
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Writing BASIC on the BBC
by Karl
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Last Post: Amstrad CPC 464
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Amstrad CPC 464
by Karl
Amiga, Atari ST, etc? This is the place to talk about these wonders...
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Andy Warhol, Deborah Harry & the Amiga
by KerryN
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