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    So, I'm a day late posting, sorry...

    Yes, this best-selling beast has turned 35 years of age as of the 16th of August 2017. It made it's début and sold almost 20 million units, a number as yet unbeaten by any other system. As a comparison, with no derogatory tone intended, the Sam Coupe only managed 12 thousand units in the late 80s & early 90s. Jack Tramiel created the C64 alongside Jay Gould. Like most systems of it's day it could access either a cassette or a disk drive for it's storage medium and had fairly impressive specs under it's breadbin exterior.

    From the infamous colour palette & sluggish 1Mhz (MOS) 6510 CPU to the incredible SID (Sound Interface Device) chip, the C64 was and remains an amazing machine leaving many 40+ year olds with fond memories.

    The C64 shared a similar range of colours to other notable 8 bit machines of their day such as the ZX Spectrum.The C64 allowed 4 colours per 'cell' compared to the spectrum which only allowed 2 colours per cell.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen_color_test_Commodore64_Multicolor.png
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    Commodore 64 Colour Palette
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen_color_test_ZXSpectrum.png
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    ZX Spectrum Colour Palette
    Images courtesy of Wikipedia / Ricardo Cancho Niemietz
    Whilst an impress price, many found the initial outlay of $600 to be expensive. Nonetheless, it still outsold the competition.
    The Commodore 64 sold close to 20million units
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