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    One bizarre eBay item for your list... It is a bargain at a starting bid of $4995 or if that just doesn't swing your pants, you can opt for the Buy It Now price of a mere $9995...

    BEYOND RARE!!!! THIS IS THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR ANY SUCCESSFUL COMPUTER INDUSTRY EXECUTIVE/GEEK, (IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT.) This is the original Microsoft Windows 1.0 software that fueled an entire industry. (One of less than 100 first issued on the release date of 11/20/1985 at Comdex in Las Vegas in a small private banquet room away from the Las Vegas Strip). Likely the ONLY one of its kind left in the world still unopened in the original shrink wrap. This item will ship in plenty of time to receive for the Holiday’s.

    This is currently the ONLY Microsoft Windows 1.0 unopened box currently on the market for sale anywhere. Search as much as you can and you will not find one like this. This is my most prized of my small computer collection I thought I had lost in our move 7 years ago. I will ship insured and insert into a nice custom clear acrylic box for display in your collection.


    As a 21yr old Navy Sailor (Naval Intelligence Cryptologist), I was offered the opportunity to attend the 1985 COMDEX in Las Vegas. I jumped at the chance for some leave and a trip to Vegas. Unbeknownst to me, I happened to be staying at the same hotel that Microsoft was using to announce the release of their first new flagship Windows Operating System product. When I was at the hotel preparing to leave for the first day of the COMDEX event, I noticed a large gathering of maybe 80 people (press, etc) and followed some of them walking to a banquet room. People were in more fancy clothes like tuxedo’s and I first thought it was a famous person’s wedding, but I realized there was more press than normal guests so I stuck around. I didn’t realize the significance back then, but in the room for the black tie event were Bill Gates, Steven Ballmer and others from Microsoft preparing for their announcement on the release of their flagship operating system Microsoft 1.0. I was interested in staying to watch, but was clearly under-dressed. I went back to my room and put on my Winter Navy Blues (uniform) since I didn’t have anything else that was dressy. When I made my way back to the room, I hung outside for a bit but was quickly offered to come in by some woman that looked important near a check-in table. Eventually about 6 or so people in tuxes went up on a small raised stage with a long table and a podium. The speeches started and at the time I didn’t really follow who these guys were so it didn’t really make a huge impression on me at the time I recall. Later after the speeches were made (I think Bill was the last one speaking), a bunch of balloons dropped from the ceiling closer to the stage. The last thing I recall him saying was that it was finally here since it had a delay of a couple years he had said earlier in the speech. He then mentioned to the room that he had folks there to hand out copies. Everyone else started getting together in groups as they came of the small stage since they were handing out these copies of windows and people were all taking pictures since the press/analysts were there. I was asked to join a group to take pictures with some of the folks in tuxes, but don’t recall who they were (not Bill Gates, but the one guy was bigger than me and I believed to be Steve Ballmer). I think they just wanted a photo with a Navy guy in uniform; who knows. I was on the end for the photo and someone said "put the sailor in the middle". They put me in the center and asked me to hold this box for the photo op. I did and still wish I was able to find who has that photo today as it would be a great keepsake. Strangely after the photo, everyone sort of scrambled to talk to other people and I kind of held out the box looking around thinking someone was going to take it back whomever gave it to me. Nobody ever did and I just kept it for the moment. I walked around a little bit expecting someone to come grab it back from me and nobody ever did. I almost set it on the table near the exit (that still had people name tags sitting on it) before I walked out but fortunately I didn’t. I started to leave it initially because I didn’t want anyone to think I was stealing it, but then I looked around and saw so many people with them in their hands (probably 50+ people) that I just figured the were giving everyone in the room a copy and had plenty so I didn't feel it was wrong to keep. I recall at the hotel, later speaking with someone at the front desk told me they gave out less than 100 of them and that I should keep mine since it was worth like $100. I brought it back to my room when I changed out of my uniform, then left the hotel again and attended 2 days of COMDEX - was very impressive with maybe 70,000 people there. The box then went with me to my ship but I never opened it. Not because I thought it had any real value if I preserved it unopened, but because we didn’t even have a single PC type computer on our entire ship. I was a Navy Cryptologist at the time with a Top Secret (TS/SCI) Security Clearance. Our small space on the ship (right outside the Combat Information Center) housed the most sophisticated of the computers the ship did have, but none were PC’s. So there was nothing to put this on if I wanted to. I kept this in my duffel bag in the sea locker just wrapped with some of my cold weather gear and that’s it until I got out of the Navy. It went with me back home to Texas and before I got my hands on a PC I could use it on, Windows 2.0 was released, so this ended up in a closet until I made the move with me to Western New York in 1989. I had always thought I would save and buy a PC for me personally and would save $ by using my version 1.0. But by the time I got to New York, they were already up to version 2.11 and it was clear they were going to regularly release new versions and there was never a reason to open it after that.

    Fast forward to present day and I found this a couple months ago in a bankers box in my basement that I haven’t seen in many many years. It is in incredible condition since it is still in the shrink wrap, although you can see a very small part of the shrink wrap has split due to its handling over the years, there is not even a scratch on the shrink wrap on the cover or the back that would be nicely displayed in an acrylic box or other presentation case. There is zero discoloration, tears or damage to the box inside and it has never been open or mishandled obviously by the photos.

    If you search any resource around the entire globe, my guess is that you will not find another single copy that is in this condition and still pristine and unopened.

    I will keep this in my family for my kids (6) and grand kids (4) to let it appreciate in value if this doesn’t sell for what I am asking since I'm not hurting for the money (very fortunately).

    Happy buying and hope to hear from you. I’m also open to speaking by phone to answer any questions, but will not sell away from eBay so don't ask. I want this transaction to go through them for secure payment processing and for everything to be legitimate and above board. It also protects the buyer in the event you are concerned about fraud or want eBay to stand behind your purchase.
    Microsoft Windows 1.0 sealed
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