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    The much maligned Vega+ hasn't really got off to a good start. All the reviews from those who have received them have been negative bar less than a handful. However, one eager beaver known as Barry Hutchinson has been tinkering around and found the whole thing not to be entirely terrible. Nonetheless, Barry Hutchinson was rather enthusiastic about getting it going...

    Good afternoon everyone - just to let you all know.. myZX Vega + arrived earlier today.. I appear to have serial; 138...
    First impressions.. it looks ok.. not sure aboutthe d-pad controller yet.. but I guess it is what is is really... obviouslythe free games included are absolute rubbish, so I'm gonna load on a couple of my favourites.. onto SD card.. Commando and Atic Atac to start with! Lets go..

    Click image for larger version

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    Only an hour or so after having received & opened his brand spanking new toy, Barry got straight into the keymapping (after I harassed him for information on it). He said;

    Okay - I think this is how you load games.. for example for Atic Atac do the following:
    1. Copy the aticatac.tzx file onto SD card.
    2. Create a txt file called aticatac.zxk

    3. Enter the following and save:
    4. Load game! It should now be visible. and now.. to map the keys.. I think all you have to do is:
    press the top left power button once - you will see that the other menu appears.. scroll down to Remap game keys.. you can now set the keys !
    Once done, click save.. and away you go.. (possibly1) Good luck!
    A very short while late, Barry offered some revised tips for keymapping;

    Right.. I've now got Atic Atac working properly.. with all keys mapped.. the easiest way to do it is.. load game then press the top left button.. menu comes up.. now choose remap keys.. it's that simple..
    Remember you need to remap the keys on your Ad
    Vega to the QWERTY keys.. and also 0 (I mapped it to yellow button).
    I'm playing it now.. and I gotta say, this console really isn't that bad... perhaps some games will play worse than others? But atic atac is just fine... the d pad keys are really ok actually!
    Less than a full day later, the ever inspirational Mr. Hutchinson was back at it, getting more games working on the Frankenstein's monster of handhelds...

    Got a few more classic speccy games loaded on the ZX Vega + now.. including Trashman, Underwurlde and Space Raiders! It was really easy to map the keys - forget messing about with editing text files.. you can do it all through the on screen menu.. simples!!
    Click image for larger version

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    Sir, we salute you!
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