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    Manic Mixup by Andy Ford & Ian Rushforth
    Manic Mixup
    After allowing your poor old Willy party to the extreme for numerous decades, it's understandable to conclude that things may have deflated somewhat… What? Noooo, we're talking about his finances, obviously! Poor Willy is struggling to keep it up, the lifestyle his beloved housekeeper, Maria, has become accustomed to. And so it is, that poor Willy must get his hard helmet out to work again, down below where he belongs. Some 35 years ago, Willy made his fortunes and he intends to resurrect his financial status by the same means now as he did then. However, Willy is in for a shock, as he enters the Central Cavern he realises things have changed since his last adventures.

    The original caverns and their perilous occupants have been revamped in Manic Mixup and the music has been dramatically improved. Improvements aren't limited to merely audible & visual ranges, as a large bulk of the routines have also been redesigned from the ground up which afford our beloved Willy numerous improvements over the original engine from '83.

    Manic Mixup will work on a traditional ZX Spectrum hardware or newer rejigs and most emulators. Despite such an in-depth overhaul, the game lovingly retains it's true 8-bit nostalgic essence and should offer it's players true pleasure! You can download from the link below.

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