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  • Amstrad


    Amstrad released the CPC (Colour Personal Computer) 464, it's first home computer, in 1984. With sales in excess of 2 million throughout Europe

    As with many other 8 bit machines of the day, the Amstrad CPC 464 was powered by a Z80 processor. After failed attempts to use a 6502 as used by the likes of Commodore 64, the CPC 464 ran at 4MHz and had 64K of memory...
    11th April 1984
    12th April 1984
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  • Karl
    started a topic Amstrad CPC 464

    Amstrad CPC 464

    So I managed to find an Amstrad CPC 464 with a colour monitor & some 300 games. Alas, a bulk of them don't seem to work fully but a good portion...
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  • Amstrad Emailer E3

    Amstrad Emailer E3

    The Amstrad Em@iler E3 is an attempt by Amstrad to get folks who wouldn't normally use a computer or the internet, to use a "sort of computer" and the internet. It failed. Rather miserably, I might add. The device used proprietary software & hardware to present a 'friendly' face to the uninitiated in the ways of the world wide web. Although it had a single USB input, it was limited to a printer, no doubt only a tiny minority of printers knowing Amstrad.

    Now, in fairness, it wasn't the...
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  • Karl
    started a topic Amstrad advertisement for their CPC464

    Amstrad advertisement for their CPC464

    AMSTRAD CPC464 with £100 software....
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